1. judygrimes:

    people who refer to t fey as a feminist role model tho

    Speaking as a direct age and family peer to Tina (as in, within a couple of years of her age; more or less the same age of kids), she’s a feminist role model because she’s continuing to work in her chosen field, to work hard and excel and not apologize for that. 

    The number of people who immediately, fucking instantly, assume that any given career decision I may make has to do with spending more time with my kids, would knock your socks off. Truly. Women especially.

    This may be setting the bar uncomfortably low, but the notion that she works long hours without going onto talk shows to bemoan the idea that she’s “missing her kid’s childhood” or some such bullshit (which, as far as I know, she doesn’t) is in itself still qualification for being a feminist role model. 

    I’m quite sure she creates just a tiny bit more breathing room for me to stare blankly at people who say jackass things to me, in business settings, where I’m trying to sell them services. As if they would ever in a gazillion years dream of saying that to a man. 

    And that’s enough to clear that hurdle, for me. I’ll take it. Call me cynical. But that’s where we’re at.